Our Background :

We have emerged to provide opportunities for women of all ages to break into the industry. Every woman is ensured a healthy life economically, socially, and emotionally. With hundreds of donors and volunteers, women empowerment has impacted the lives of so many living in different villages and slums through the support of the projects in Delhi and Jharkhand. We focus on alleviating social injustice, poverty, and discrimination. We do this through well planned and comprehensive works. Our primary objective is to empower the women and girls from the poor and the marginalized communities leading to improvement in the lives and livelihoods of all of them.

Why Women and girls?

We focus on empowering women and girls because they are unduly affected by discrimination and poverty, and suffer violations and abuse in the realization of their entitlements, rights, and access over the resources. Several experiences have proved that , when equipped with the right resources, women and girls have shown their power to help their entire families and communities overcome poverty, social injustice and marginalization.

Our Approach :

We have made considerable shift in our approach over these years. We focus mainly on the well-being, rights of women and girls, and the social position of them from the marginalized communities.

We focus on building potential within every woman to drive the long-lasting equitable alterations. We emphasize strategically on promoting quality work including gender equitability, sustainable livelihood opportunities, and gender indiscrimination.

We put our efforts to bring the poor women out of their poverty level, thus building secure and resilient communities and ensuring a life of self-esteem for every woman and girl with skills, trainings, and education.