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Women education

Education is considered as one of the most significant means to empower women with the skills, knowledge, and self-confidence that is necessary for participating fully in the developmental process. It has been 40 years that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has asserted that everyone has the right to get education. In the year 1990, Governments meeting at the World Conference on education held in Thailand, it was committed that every woman will be given the access to basic education. But despite the notable efforts by the worldwide countries, which have appreciably expanded the access to the basic education system, there are almost 960 million illiterate adult people in the world, out of which two-third are women. More than one-third of the adults in the world, maximum percentage is of women, who have no access to the printed knowledge, to the updated skills, and technologies, which may improve the standard of their life and help them to shape and adapt to the economical and the social changes. There are approximately 130 million children out of which 70 percent are girls, who are not sent to the primary schools.

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