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Vocational Training

Skill development for the purpose of employment will be used as the agent of change in the promotion of women’s employment. Every woman especially those who live in the slums and village areas, faces multiple barriers in accessing skills and industrious employment.

  • The non-discrimination policy will be pursued dynamically to provide even and equal access to every woman.
  • This policy aims to raise the percentage of participation of women by around 30% by the end of the eleventh plan.
  • The proactive measures, which overcome the obstacles and facilitate participation like hostels for women, transport facility, loans, training materials, and scholarships, will be made available on a huge scale very soon.
  • Women’s vocation training program conducted by the institutes will spread out soon. This will help the women in obtaining the skills and will make them capable to earn for themselves and for their families.
  • In order to promote employability and skills of women, the sectors that employ huge number of women will be identified. This can include construction industries, crafts making industries, health care centers as well as the agricultural sectors.
  • Gender stereotyping in the vocational training programs will be eliminated for encouraging the participation of women in the non-traditional occupations including the emerging and the existing technological fields.

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